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They say the truth will set you free…

After her parents’ tragic deaths, eight-year-old Kate Barrett began receiving anonymous gifts from a “secret friend.” Years later, after landing a challenging job and the apartment of her dreams, she is caught off guard when another package shows up at her unlisted address.

About the Author

From the time my chubby, little fingers could grasp a crayon, I was never without a writing implement. I wrote on sidewalks with chalk, on paper with toothpicks dipped in invisible ink, and on leaves with fountain pens. My first masterpiece, at the tender age of six, was an illustrated menu for Thanksgiving dinner, though I’m not sure if that resulted from a love of writing or food.

The Blog

A fan of Nancy Drew mysteries, I once retreated to a corner of the sofa to finish a book while my birthday party continued outside. But the highlight of my childhood was Saturday night when Nana Mickey babysat. Each week, she told us a hair-curling tale of smugglers and kidnappers at the South Street Seaport, which ended in a cliffhanger to be continued the following week.