From the time my chubby, little fingers could grasp a crayon, I was never without a writing implement. I wrote on sidewalks with chalk, on paper with toothpicks dipped in invisible ink, and on leaves with fountain pens. My first masterpiece, at the tender age of six, was an illustrated menu for Thanksgiving dinner, though I’m not sure if that resulted from a love of writing or food.

A fan of Nancy Drew mysteries, I once retreated to a corner of the sofa to finish a book while my birthday party continued outside. But the highlight of my childhood was Saturday night when Nana Mickey babysat. Each week, she told us a hair-curling tale of smugglers and kidnappers at the South Street Seaport, which ended in a cliffhanger to be continued the following week. As I got older, I “borrowed” Nan’s romance novels. I couldn’t get enough of the hopeful stories and happily-ever-after endings. I suppose that’s why my early novels were suspenseful romances.

These days, I’m drawn to darker material. My latest novel is a psychological thriller that is sure to spark deep conversations about identity and what makes us who we are.

When I am not writing novels, I am a consultant, specializing in technical writing and eLearning development. My other loves are music (all kinds), foreign languages (I speak a few), food (um num num), dance (especially ballroom), travel, and irreverent humor.

If you have a burning question I’ve neglected to answer or just want to say hi, feel free to drop me a line.