Giveaway: 3 Signed Copies of The Benefactor

I was planning to do this Giveaway on Ground Hog Day, sure that Punxsutawney Phil would see his shadow, dooming us to six more miserable weeks of winter. But I don’t need that punk Phil to tell me nuttin’ as I sit on Long Island buried under a foot of snow. So, for all of you who are finding it difficult to get out and just want to settle in with a cup of tea and a book, I’m giving away 3 signed copies of my romantic suspense novel The Benefactor to see you through the cold.

Here’s a blurb:

They say the truth will set you free…

After her parents’ tragic deaths, eight-year-old Kate Barrett began receiving anonymous gifts from someone called Secret Friend. Years later, after landing a challenging job and the apartment of her dreams, she is caught off guard when another package shows up at her now unlisted address. Troubled that someone is watching her every move, she sets out to discover the stranger’s identity.

The pressure rises when a coworker’s flirtatiousness crosses the line and Kate makes a disturbing discovery at work. Just when things couldn’t get more bizarre, love comes from a surprising direction, and shocking clues to the mystery surface in an unthinkable place. But nothing can prepare Kate for the truth about Secret Friend, the deaths of her parents, and how her destiny has been cunningly manipulated.

See my website for reviews, praise, an excerpt, etc.

The Rules:

  1. You are automatically entered to win if you post a comment at the end of this blog and mention a book that you love.
  2. One entry per person, please.
  3. No entries after 11:59 PM Eastern Time, Sunday, January 30, 2011.
  4. Winners will be selected at random and announced on Monday, January 31, 2011.
  5. No purchase required.

Good luck! Feel free to link to this post on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, etc. so your friends and family can enter as well. And if you see something here that you like, subscribe to my blog to get notified of new posts and future giveaways.

Have a good weekend.

UPDATE: The winners have been announced in the post And the winners are…

56 comments on “Giveaway: 3 Signed Copies of The Benefactor

  1. Judy Cox on

    This looks like a very good read!! We are not having snow this far South, but it has been awfully cold and overcast and some rain. I have been doing alot more reading than usual.

    I am reading right now- Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare!!


  2. jesswords10 on

    I love how you do snow days. What flavor tea did you pick for today? I’m on a green tea remedy of sorts trying to get over a cold. I was told it’s better for you than water??

    I would say if you want a great read pick up “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” by Rebecca Skloot. It’s a true story and the author spent 10 years collecting medical data, family journals and papers, photographs, interviewing medical and ethical advisors. I think her hard work and passion to tell this story shows, and I’ve done my best to be a verbal promoter for her book because it is deeply moving.

    • Margaret Reyes Dempsey on

      Today was English Breakfast, but only because I ran out of my favorite Earl Grey. You know how the grocery stores have that post-locust infestation look when it snows.

      I have “Immortal Life” sitting on my desk. It’s my next read after The Art of War.

  3. carldagostino on

    Book of Mark, NT. I look for and love creative metaphors. I read them twice and make a list of favorites. I think metaphors enhance imagery. “The bare arms of dark brown trees silhouetted against the gray-blue sky raged against a wind determined to bend and break all in its path.”

  4. timethief on

    Hello there,
    If I were to make a list of my favorite books this page would be a mile long, som it’s a good thing you have only asked for one. I chosethis book randomly from the favorites on my bookshelf. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

  5. Richard on

    Okay, I’m disqualifying myself from the competition since I already have a copy (and it is a great read), but I’m going to comment anyway.

    Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist. 🙂

  6. Jackie on

    Well, you can take my name out of the raffle, however, now that I have a Nook (and have actually been reading some books 😉 ), I found that my new favorite is Pride and Prejudice. Never had to read it “growing up” and finally am “grown up” enough to choose to read it! HAHAHA.

    Actually, I do have one comment about my Nook. My all time favorite book growing up was “A Separate Peace” by John Knowles and now that I have a Nook, I was hoping to download this one for nostalgia sake but I cannot find it in e-book form. Since I am so far behind in reading, especially on a form like e-books, I would have thought that all books have been put on-line. UGH!!! If anyone comes across this on-line, please let me know. I am new to the whole download thing and maybe just missed it somewhere.

    • Margaret Reyes Dempsey on

      Hey, Sis. Glad you’re enjoying exercising the old eyes. It seems we’ve switched identities or entered some parallel universe. Now you read, and I work out. When people talk about balance in life, I think they mean within a given day…a bit of reading, a bit of working out. I guess we were on the 40-year plan. 😉

  7. Liz on

    It’s really difficult to narrow it down to one but I really loved A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. It’s one of the few I’ve read multiple times.

  8. suzicate on

    Goodness, there are so many good books to mention. The last really good one I read was The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Love and suspense…and it sounds really good!

  9. Roberto on

    The Book – “The Bible” (well – I love lots of it, kind of like some of it, and really think other parts of it are odd…)

  10. bronxboy55 on

    I have way too many favorite books to list, and I doubt I’d win the contest anyway. (I’ve never even won a stuffed donkey. Yes, I did win a bike once, but it was a very long time ago.) So just to make sure, I ordered your book from Amazon. Unfortunately, it’s (the Canadian version), which means that by the time I get the book I may have forgotten how to read. Any chance you’ll come out with an audio version?

  11. Sam I am on

    Eat, Pray and Love when I need inspiration..not going to see the movie; it may just ruin the book for me. The Art of War: helps in dealing with corporate America after being a “stay at home” mom [not that I spent much time at home – that’s a misnomer if I ever heard one] for 15 years.

    • Margaret Reyes Dempsey on

      I enjoyed the book Eat, Pray, Love. The movie, not so much.

      I’m midway through The Art of War. Maybe because I’ve been in Corporate America for the past 25 years, it’s not speaking to me like it does to you.

      Have to agree with you, though, on the “stay at home” mom (or dad, in my family) thing. More like “shuttling from and to home” mom.

  12. Cynthia on

    Hello Margaret,
    Favourite books… too many to list, I have a bad habit of wallowing in old favourites, so something shiney and new to read would be lovely! Meanwhile, I will mention the book I just finished re-reading (just = 15 minutes ago, btw accompanied by a blend of Earl Grey and a smoked tea and warm from oven brownies), Jocelyn Playfair’s A House in the Country. Are you familiar with Persephone Press? Excellent books, never found one I didn’t like. Unfortunately the blurb on the website is misleading rubbish – to me, the book is a meditation in time of war, so moving, so thought-provoking and timeless.

    • Margaret Reyes Dempsey on

      Thanks for stopping by. You’ve got me thinking about Lapsang Souchong tea now, which I affectionately call liquid campfire tea. Earl Grey is my go to flavor. Love it! I want some warm brownies. 🙁

      I’ve never heard of that book or publisher. Thanks for providing the link. I’ll check it out.

  13. lorayne lancelot on


  14. Jessica Sieghart on

    I recently just found a new author that I’m crazy about! Her name is Margaret Reyes Dempsey. Yes, it’s true. When I read the excerpt from your book, I had to read the rest of it. I ordered the Kindle version and just sat here the last few hours reading cover to cover. Love Kate! I hope we get to see more of her someday. Thank you for a suspenseful, twisty turny afternoon, Margaret 🙂

  15. tjnjtown on

    I’ve gotten away from reading fiction. Think I need to lay off the nonfiction reading and relax a bit with some great, entertaining fiction. My fav book is whatever I”m reading at the time.


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