The Universe Works in Mysterious Ways

Somewhere deep inside, in that pure place that isn’t jaded by life on earth, I’m a believer in “ask and ye shall receive” or at least “it can’t hurt to ask.”

Richard and I knew in March 2020 it was time to move on from Jackson Heights, but there weren’t many options. We managed to get through another year, living in the epicenter of the epicenter. We craved nature, but didn’t have a car to get anywhere, and we weren’t taking public transportation during the pandemic.

At the beginning of this year, with the housing market already crazy, I wondered if we would remain stuck, but I just wasn’t having it. So, I purchased some boxes and tape and started packing up my apartment with words whispered into the air, “Look, Universe, I’m packing. Send something my way. I’m open.”

The very next day, a friend texted me with an amazing offer to move down to her Daytona Beach Shores house (not near the beach…ON THE BEACH) while she’s in Spain teaching English from October 2021 through June 2022. And we could take over a vacation home she was staying at in the mountains of Asheville, NC from July through September 2021.

Hell yeah! We’re frantically packing up our lives, acquiring the car and equipment we need, figuring out how to transport our kitty with as little trauma as possible, and handling endless administrative stuff. I’m in permanent meditation mode now. Every step of the way, another door opens. Someone came to see our apartment and wants a bunch of our furniture, so that’s something I can cross off my list. Every little bit helps in this mad rush.

You’d think two writers isolated in an apartment would’ve finished writing a book or two during a pandemic, but we were operating at the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, just staying alive and feeling immensely grateful for the little things and each other. We’re both excited to get back to our writing. I’d like to finish the sequel to MIND GAMES, and Richard plans to write the novel for one of his screenplays, which won a BAFTA New Writers Award many moons ago. He’ll also be working on another anthology of Victorian ghost stories from his Dad’s files. That is, if we can drag ourselves out of the woods and off the beach. So much nature to catch up on!

We leave NYC on June 30th. Watch this space for updates on our adventure.

6 comments on “The Universe Works in Mysterious Ways

  1. Margaret B. Reyes on

    I hope this adventure is just the beginning of many more! Will miss you but will be happy to know you’re happy!

  2. Mark on

    Sounds like a fantastic opportunity. Or opportunitIES, as the case may be!

    Do you think it’s harder turning a screenplay into a novel, or vice-versa?

    • MRD on

      Richard and I have discussed this and we agree that it depends on the project. I tried to write a screenplay (as an exercise) for my psychological thriller Mind Games and it was difficult even though I think I write with more of a dialogue focus. In fact, in my early novel writing days, I had to really work to slow down and incorporate setting and description, etc. In my opinion, having seen both Richard’s screenplays and novels in progress, he is skilled at both. So I guess we’ll see how it works out for him. I’m excited; his screenplay is fantastic. As a novel, people would actually get to see it. 🙂


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