Winter Status Update in Bullet Points

  • January and February are not my favorite months.
  • I go into hibernation mode.
  • I run less.
  • I stretch less.
  • My hamstrings tighten up.
  • I eat comfy foods more.
  • My love handles bulk up.
  • My belly looks like Baby Roo has taken up residence.
  • My back aches.
  • The number on the scale increases.
  • I don’t walk as much.
  • I don’t get as much fresh air.
  • I don’t get as much sunlight.
  • My mind is not as sharp.
  • I am reduced to writing in bullet points.
  • My emotions are not as stable.
  • I make the scary discovery that the state of my mind really does influence how well I land planes on Flight Control HD on the iPad.
  • I decide that putting my fate into the hands of an air traffic controller who has been running less, eating comfy foods, not getting enough fresh air and sunshine, and feeling a bit out of it may not be such a great idea.

But there’s hope.

  • The days are getting longer.
  • They’re also getting warmer.
  • I’ve had just about all I can handle of comfy foods.
  • My tight, aching body actually is beginning to crave exercise and fresh air again.
  • I have a gift certificate for a massage waiting to be redeemed.
  • The Chopra Center is sponsoring a 21-Day Meditation Challenge, which begins on Monday, February 20th.
  • My life coach buddy has invited me to her 3-day Soulful Cleanse.
  • I’ve made some progress on the novel.
  • March is right around the corner.
  • History indicates I do this every year and always spring back.

How are you surviving the winter?

30 comments on “Winter Status Update in Bullet Points

  1. Richard on

    I survive the winter by growing a beard. 😀

    Clearly not an option for you, of course, but I’m glad to see you’ve managed to pull out some positive bullet points. Yay positive bullet points!

    Note: I was going to be incredibly witty and write my reply in bullet points, but I’m not sure how you do that on an Android. 😐

  2. Ray Colon on

    Hi Margaret,

    Bullet points are better than a total blackout. Baby steps.

    The winter doldrums affect many of us is strange ways. Thankfully, we do bounce back and return to form once we get a little bit of sunshine on our faces.

    Once you work yourself into mid-summer form, I bet you’ll miss your Baby Roo, or at least the comfort food that brought it to life.


  3. Cynthia on

    Hi Margaret, huge sympathy – I go through the same cycle. Luckily winters feel a little shorter here – it’s 18ºC and blindingly sunny out there right now, so must get moving, thanks for the nudge! Thank you also for the meditation link – I keep meaning to look for that kind of thing, but too many hours on line for work mean I rebel and focus off line for personal time – there is a sewing project spread out on the table at my elbow right now. Take care, and pull through!

      • Cynthia on

        Any kind of making – sewing, knitting or jewellery in my case – is meditative when you can focus and get into a “flow” state. Project du jour is a cushion cover – the “cushion” will be the spare duvet. I’m tarting it up with a patchwork blazing star, though, so getting that pieced first. I really like the meditation program, got signed up and did the first one this morning – thank you again for that link.

      • Margaret Reyes Dempsey on

        At last year’s Virginia Beach writers’ retreat, one of the ladies brought kumihimo necklace kits so we could take a break from writing. That was very meditative for me. Once I got into the groove, I didn’t have to think any more. But as a rule, I wouldn’t have staying power with any craft. I’m a very fidgety person. 🙂

        I did the first meditation this morning, too. It was a bit longer than I had expected, based on the sample they’d sent out. Found myself drifting a bit until I got into the So-Hum rhythm. By the end of it, I felt good.

  4. Val on

    I sympathise with most of this, except that come summer I’m still eating comfort foods and usually add icecream to them, and I don’t walk much since injuring a foot a few years ago.

    There might be some exercise coming soon though as Spring is on its way and if we (me and my ‘other half’) don’t get the blanket weed out of the pond before the Frogs’ love fest begins, we’ll have to wait months more to do it!

      • Val on

        Yep… not just the frogs (though Bruce said a short while ago that there was a loud ‘Ronk’ out front of our house – quite a long way from the pond, and too early) but the birds are beginning to pair up too. 🙂

  5. lulu on

    Winter is almost a non event in Houston as it has been in Rockport as well, so faring the season has not been much of a challenge. For some reason, the time of year I have the most difficulty with in Christmas, and this one was made no easier by Mother’s death. I guess we all have our times when we struggle a bit, but at least you make yours humorous. Good to have you back. Come on down….we’ll take a long walk.

    • Margaret Reyes Dempsey on

      A death at holiday time is tough. I know what you mean about Christmas. It’s a very stressful time, especially if you hate to shop. The hardest part is that it just isn’t like it was back when all the old-timers were with us. And so, I think I must focus on becoming a character so the next generation has the fond memories I do. (At this point, some family members are asking “what do you mean ‘become’ a character?”)

  6. Jessica Sieghart on

    I’m actually on my desktop this morning! 🙂 Blogging in bullet points? You know what? I like it.

    I can’t stand winter. You’d think after 45 Chicago winters, I’d be used to it and this one is really mild, but I still can’t stand it. It’s all so gray, cold and dreary looking. Why are you waiting to redeem that gift certificate? I’d be there the first chance I got!!!! xoxo

    • Margaret Reyes Dempsey on

      Why am I waiting to redeem the gift certificate? I have never had a professional massage, nor have I ever desired one. I could give you a list of reasons why. Lately, I’m starting to think my body could benefit from it. I just have to muster up the desire to go.

  7. Huffygirl on

    Surviving about like you Margaret – especially not liking the number on the scale, and how it seems to go up a little more each winter.

    But on a bright note – I surprised my husband for Valentine’s day with a copy of your novel on his Kindle. We are both looking forward to reading it!

    • Margaret Reyes Dempsey on

      Today was good. The Chopra Center meditation was on stress, and it was nearly 50 degrees–perfect for a run. I’m feeling more like myself.

      Thank you so much for helping to support a starving, um, pleasantly plump writer. 😉 I hope you enjoy the book.

  8. workingtechmom on

    I love the bullet points. Survive the winter by a) looking for small visual aspects of beauty – you have to search for them more in winter since summer beauty jumps out at you and b) walking outside for short bursts to keep some “real air” in my lungs.

    Take care girl. The days are definitely getting longer.

  9. rebecca @ altared spaces on

    “•I am reduced to writing in bullet points.” This is my favorite and made me laugh!!

    Apparently there is a fair amount of SAD in my email box because I missed the notification of this blog!! Sunshine returning with the laughter you conjured!

    • Margaret Reyes Dempsey on

      Glad I got a chuckle out of you, but how true it was. Luckily, my background in technical writing makes the writing of bullet points a mindless activity. So, even when my creativity suffers, there’s always bullets. 🙂

    • Margaret Reyes Dempsey on

      Funny you should say that, Charles. The story is so convoluted, I had to come up with a list of bullet points to keep track of the plot and make sure I get everything right. But I promise, no bullets in the novel.


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